Why Breast Milk?

For baby

As many of your midwives may have mentioned to you; your breast milk can be used for not only the nourishment and feeding of your baby but with baby acne, conjunctivitis, nappy rash, cradle cap, blocked noses, insect bites, sun burn, cuts, scrapes and dry skin. Especially when combined as a breastmilk lotion

‘One liquid can provide so much healing capability as well as being my babies only source of food, now that is amazing, that is liquid gold.’

For Mumma

When breast milk is combined with carefully selected organic oils, wax and natural agents it becomes a little miracle worker. It becomes your all in one cleanser, moisturiser, showering scrub and anti-aging lotion that every mumma can benefit from.

Your breast milk naturally contains lauric acid also found in the coconut oil of the lotion and scrub helps to aid in prevention and treatment of acne whilst providing a natural moisturiser gentle enough for sensitive skin. Combined with your breastmilk that is naturally rich in vitamins A, D, E & K whilst also remaining anti-bacterial the lotion will stimulate healing and skin regeneration providing the ability to lighten stretch marks and scars.

“It’s filled with goodness that comes naturally from your body.”

Although an alternative product that is both so weird yet wonderful, I can guarantee that you won’t be disappointed by its many benefits. Put your liquid gold to the test!

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