I am currently based in Darwin and here I personally transform your milk into these super indulgent and personalised product. Just drop your milk off at an allocated drop off and pick up zone and receive your products that same day.


I offer a DIY option! When purchasing your lotion online be sure to click the DIY lotion and I can send you our key ingredients carefully blended together! All you have to do is heat up this base mix for 30 seconds either in a microwave or on a low heat over the stove (be sure to not over heat as this is an oil and beeswax combination and both can be flammable. DO NOT HEAT IN JAR PROVIDED), heat up your breastmilk, (use any amount between 50ml-100ml. 100ml will filly our jar) as you normally would when you are feeding your baby (again, be careful to not over heat as this damages all of that goodness contained within your breast milk. Do not use a microwave for the heating of your milk. Boiling a kettle and placing your milk into the boil water in either your breastmilk pouch or bottle is perfect.), then once both your base ingredients and milk are warmed very gradually add your milk to your base mix, stirring at all times! Let your beautiful lotion then sit for 4 hours and then it is ready to use. When creating your lotion at home be sure to use clean hands or gloves, a clean bowl for mixing and a clean spoon/whisk. Be extra careful when heating to avoid burning yourself or your products and always wait for your lotion to be cool before use. Don’t worry, if you forget any of these instructions you lotion will come with instructions to follow.


When purchasing your scrub online be sure to click the DIY option and I can send you our key ingredients carefully blended together! Then all you have to do is add in 30ml of your own breastmilk and use straight away! Don’t worry, if your forget any of these instructions your body scrub with come with instructions to follow.

Postage Information

I will send all parcels via regular Parcel Post with Tracking. This is normally between 2-5 working business days. This does not apply on public holidays or weekends.

Once I have received the tracking number and have left the parcel with the Australia Post I do not take responsibility for lost, damaged or delayed parcels. I will provide you with a tracking number so you can trace where your parcel is at all times.

Please visit the Australia Post website to view the standard delivery times. .


Shelf Life

The Milk Mumma lotion and scrub contain many amazing properties which when stored in a cool, dry, dim place, preferably the fridge, will last for up to 10 weeks. Just like natural organic coconut oil our products will harden in the fridge but when applied to skin melt into a smooth velvety texture

The lotion also uses a cold pressed almond oil and vitamin E oil which help with the extension of shelf life. These key ingredients are naturally anti-bacterial, mold and fungi fighting but when I am creating your products I add in just 2 grams of Optiphen which is Paraben free as a preservative.

*For the benefit of your lotion please ensure you wash your hands before and after use.

How It’s Prepared:

Your lotion and scrub are prepared using sterile equipment and clean washed hands and gloves. This is to ensure your liquid gold products contains nothing but the indulgence of your natural breastmilk teamed with our amazing key ingredients.

To find out more about why your breastmilk is so good please click here.

Can I Contact You

If you have any questions or queries please don't hesitate to get in contact with us. You can email us directly by sending an email to: alice@themilkmumma.com.

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