About Me

About Me

I am new to the Mumma world. Having my beautiful baby girl, Delilah Ivy, on February 14th 2017 by natural water birth, opened up my mind to how unbelievably amazing our bodies are; it was the most incredible day of my life. I went into labor with an open mind and put all of my faith into my body knowing what to do, I was just going to follow its natural path and allow my body to take charge. I was extremely fortunate to experience a birthing bath and after 36 hours of labor I birthed naturally, without injury or medication other than a little gas and air. My body was thriving, I was blooming and my baby girl was happy and healthy. From this moment on I have the deepest respect and admiration for a woman’s body and its abilities.

Breastfeeding was always something I planned to do. I loved the idea of the bond me and my baby could have, the relationship I could form and I wanted to experience the wonders of my body, and only my body, supporting and nourishing my baby completely.

Breastfeeding is challenging and demanding. It requires true dedication and commitment as those first few days/weeks push you to your limits with patience and pain. But once a good breast feeding relationship is met, it’s beautiful. Those precious feeding times became something I looked forward to and although demand feeding took up 90% of my day, I never felt the urge to give up or supplement. I was blessed; we started a successful breast feeding journey together almost straight away. The more I nursed Delilah the more I realized I had a great breast milk supply; I couldn’t have been more thankful. As my breast milk collection grew and grew in our freezer I started offering my milk to friends if they were ever to need it, I was donating to other mums that needed the extra help and thinking of other uses for my liquid gold. This is where my idea behind Milk Mumma came from.

Our milk is nurturing to not only our little ones, but for us Mumma’s too. There is nothing more empowering than watching your little one grow and flourish on your breast milk alone, so why not take advantage of your very own natural wonder and reap the benefits of your breast milk for yourself.

The advantages, uses and values your breast milk hold are boundless. Once I started researching and discovering all of the hidden treasures found in our milk I had to put my theory and exploration into practice; henceforth Milk Mumma Lotion was created followed by the Milk Mumma scrub. I understand this idea is rather unique and not for everyone, but for those who are in as much amazement as I am as to how much our breast milk can contribute to healing, this is a product you can surprise yourself with.

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